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TLC recipes
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BuLi titration
Freeing frozen glass joints
HCl generation

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The Sigma-Aldrich Syringe-Choosing Guide

Some Random Tips
Use acetone cyanohydrin to generate HCN.
TMS-Cl / DIPEA will react with alcohols fast in DMF, slow in DCM (can take hours.) Slower if secondary (can take days.)
TMS-Cl / DIPEA will react with carboxylic acid to TMS ester. Transient protection, falls apart again on workup.
Add a drop of DMF to speed up thionyl chloride reactions.
Add copper(II) sulfate to accelerate the dissolution of Na
0 in alcoholic solvents
DCM is a more polar solvent than you'd expect.
Some amines will stick to solid magnesium sulfate but not sodium sulfate
You can azeotrope out acetic acid with toluene (or better: cyclohexane).
Palladium tetrakis should be lemon yellow and not orange.
A small amount of CHCl3 in hydrogenations generates enough HCl to protonate newly deprotected amines.